Saturday, June 1, 2013

RomCon--My First Reader's Conference

One of the fun things about retiring early from the library and now being able to write full time without writing full time and working a day job full time and having limited leave is that I have time to do something new! Readers' conferences. I'll be going to Nationals, the writer's conference. But for the first time ever, I'll be attending three readers conferences this year!

And I'll be a featured author! What does that mean? I'll be participating in games, giving away prizes, and sitting on author panels where readers can ask questions. Plus, we'll be sitting at tables with readers for meals--some of whom love our works and some who will be new to us.

I went shopping yesterday, and I found the little jaguar case to showcase animal print wrapped butter mints to give away, little jaguar bows to put on the bear I made and Jared the Jaguar, who is the official host for my book signings. The lovely backdrop is a case that Loretta made for me to carry all my stuff in! But she also made me a beautiful jaguar one and I'll use them to showcase both my wolves and jaguars. Perfectly eye catching!!! At conferences, the authors that have something else to make their little space stand out, get attention. :) It's all in the branding. So I was delighted to find all the cool jaguar stuff and the cases are tall enough to make a terrific backdrop. The wolves in their corner, and the jaguars in their corner. Can't wait to show them off! Thanks again, Loretta. They are gorgeous!!!

For the games, we're supposed to dress up. One of the conferences has vampire night and elemental we get to also dress for those.

For the games--I'm not sure what I'll do. I can't wear a wolf costume or a jaguar suit, so either I'll wear a blouse that has a jaguar print, or a t-shirt with one of my lovely wolves on it. :) 

I have a cape for the vampire night...still pondering what else to wear. I think I'd love to be a water elemental, but I need to get with my roommate and see what she wants to do. :)

Hope you all are having a delightful weekend. We have predictions of storms, hail, etc, but in any event, I'm finishing up Jaguar Hunt edits, and then it's back to A Hero of a Highland Wolf. :) 

Two more books I have to write this year and then I start all over next year. :) Will I get another in? Hope to! 

Have a great Saturday!!!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality."


Ana Morgan said...

Do readers dress up, too, Terry?
Congrats on retiring. You did it the right way--built reader base and story lines before quitting your day job.

Terry Spear said...

Yeah, Ana, they do. I think it will be so much fun!!!

Me too. I couldn't have concentrated on writing if I had been worried about losing my house! :) It was the right time for me after 15 years at writing. :)

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