Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Cruises are becoming the most common way to see the world and unwind in an enjoyable surrounding. My husband calculated that it was cheaper to board a ship from Fort Lauderdale and go on a week cruise than pay airfare, hotel, restaurants and entertainments.

In addition, organizations find it easier to hold their conferences during a cruise than to locate a hotel, cater the food, and manage a hundred details. FRW chapters took us on two lovely cruises  and EPICON hosted their 2012 conference on a cruise leaving from Jacksonville.

During our last cruise, we met a woman in her seventies who lives ten months a year on a cruise ship. She sold her house and her car, and explained that on a cruise ship she doesn’t have to fix her room, prepare her meals or worry about her laundry. She enjoys shows and performances without having to drive to a theater. She has plenty of books to read, a laptop to connect with the world and makes friends with other travelers. The doctor on board knows her well and takes care of her little problems. Sometimes she joins a tour and visits a new place. Twice a year she spends a month at her children and goes through all her medical checkups, buys her supply of medicine and reserves the next cruise. She told me she was writing her memoirs.

Would you be able to live on a ship?

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Janet/Cricket said...

You hear stories about people just living on a ship but it is harder to do that you might imagine, particularly the elderly if they need special care. One web posting on the AARP site said that usually you have to vacate the ship at the end of a cruise so you'd need to move all your belongings off the ship and then re-board. There must be some way around that if the lady you mentioned is doing that.

In general the food and entertainment is designed to repeat so each week's visitors get the same show as the week's before so that would get old soon.

Still I'm more than happy to visit a ship for an occasional cruise, knowing in a week or two I'll be back in my land-based home.

Ana Morgan said...

I have not been on a cruise ship since I was a kid, and my family crossed the Atlantic on the Queen Elizabeth. I would have to get divorced to go on a cruise. My husband would go berserk if he were confined with so many people.

Mona Risk said...

My husband and his brother absolutely love cruises. During each cruise we take, they plan the next one and our cruises are getting longer and longer. I don't mind as long as I have Internet and my laptop to write. I also use the gym and walk three miles around the deck. So even the days at sea go by fast.

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