Tuesday, September 24, 2013


By Paisley Kirkpatrick
Summertime at our house means flowers, lots of gorgeous blooms. We live in the Sierra Mountains surrounded by a variety of tall, stately trees. But, what makes our yard so beautiful is what my husband does with his gardens. He amazes me with his love for flowers, his gentleness with them. I am not allowed to do anything but look because I have these two black thumbs and I kill flowers when I’m left in charge.
When we first got married we lived in an apartment on the second floor. It didn’t deter him at all. He found empty wastebaskets, cans, and any kind of container he could to plant his flowers. I know it amazed his father who had no inkling of his fondness for gardening.
The season is drawing to a close for this year, but we are still enjoying the late blooms. Since it snows here, he must be very careful of what he plants and can’t wait until the warm weather late spring to see which plants survive. I have to hold him back from planting too early.
I think hobbies are what make us unique. Mine is sewing quilts and his is growing flowers.
Do you have something that you do that draws you into a creative mood?

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