Monday, January 27, 2014

#Contests everywhere!

I've had some rather bad experiences with contests.  Not because I didn't win, but because the judges were so far apart in their views of my submissions that I wondered what was their training, and what really qualified them for their role.  And what was the verdict of the subbed piece.  It was really hard to walk away from the contests with something valuable to prepare me for the next contest, or even to clean up the errors and learn from them.

So, for many many years, I have stayed far far away :-) from contests.

But, there are so many, and my stance is softening toward them a bit, just a bit.

Some of the contests sponsored by RWA chapters include:
-Fire & Ice - Sounds interesting
-Great Beginnings - I may have a few of those
-Touched by Love - I love inspirational romance

What do you think of contests?  Do you have any that you plan to enter this year?


Ana Morgan said...

I hear you, Angela.
Still, I am planning to enter some contests in 2014, but have not done the research yet to select which ones.

Angela said...

I think I'll do a little research myself, Ana :-)

Ana Morgan said...

What are you thinking to look for? Judges from an agency or publishing house? Critique? Prize?