Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Looking Forward

Happy New Year!

Sometimes, I wish I had a crystal ball. What will the future bring?

Many of us craft New Year's resolutions. I set goals that I hope are achievable. For 2014 my writing plan is to release three books. That could be tough. I write slow. Still, it's my goal.

The first to release will be Sea Panther (A Crimson Storm Novel). A 2013 Golden Heart® paranormal finalist. Later in the year, the third and fourth books from the Highland Gardens series will release. I'm really excited about all three books.

Another goal is to blog more often. I've started posting photos of garden gates for fun. I love garden gates. They inspired the writing of the Highland Gardens series. Stop by my blog on Wednesdays for garden gate photos and other tidbits from the garden. Sundays are for Sneak Peeks. And stop by on Fridays for more Folklore Friday posts. http://dawnmariehamilton.blogspot.com/

What about reading goals? Stop by my blog this week (January 5th - 12th) for the New Year's Reading Resolutions Blog Hop where I join other authors with our top picks from 2013 and our reading resolutions for 2014. I should mention there are prizes.

I'm looking forward to a great year. What are your resolutions/goals?

~Dawn Marie

note: Blogger is misbehaving and won't let me load the photos that go along with this post.


Amy Jarecki said...

Goals are important. My greatest being to hold on for the ride...I've planned 5 book releases this year. Woo hoo!

Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

Good for you, Amy. That sounds great. Good luck!