Thursday, January 16, 2014

Keeping New Year's Resolutions

Every New Year's day I try to make a few promises to myself with respect to what I'm going to accomplish in the new year. Sometimes I'm able to keep these promises and sometimes I'm not, but like most people my intentions are good.

This year I've sworn to get some of my incomplete manuscripts finished and ready for editing. Where I send these new works for publication is still up in the air. I might try sending them to one of my existing publishers or I might self-publish them. But I have to get them finished first.

Another thing I need to do is organize my office. It is cluttered and I'm not using the storage as well as I should. Once the room is straightened out I might even be able to include in the room a futon bed so we have an extra bedroom for visitors. This will be a big job, but one I should be able to tackle over the course of the year.

The last thing on my list of resolutions is to take better care of myself. I get to the gym a couple times a week, try to keep my weight under control, and make sure to get the medical check-ups I need. But more than that I need to take care of the inner me, my mental health. I should get more sleep and watch what I eat or drink in the evening so that I sleep soundly. I also need to stay focused on the joy of living and not let the minor and not-so-minor aggravations of life get me down.

There are probably more things I could add to this list but these items are a good start. What sorts of resolutions do you have for this upcoming year? Use the comments to let us know.

Janet Miller / Cricket Starr

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Ana Morgan said...

My goal is similar to yours, Janet: to finish the unfinished manuscripts and DO SOMETHING WITH THEM. I have two WIP's that need revising and solid outlines for two more.

Housecleaning and weight are eternal battles. I rediscovered how much I like to walk when I visited my daughter in NYC. Walking is not something I do in the Minnesota frigid, slippery winter. We drive everywhere because distances are long, and time is short. I hate exercising as a thing. I like to get exercise as I work.