Sunday, January 12, 2014

How do you use your public #library?

As a child, I loved the library.  It was a source of escape and fun because  I loved books :-), and while I was there, I was surrounded by other people just like me!

As a writer, I still love the library. It's a great place to research project ideas.  It's a great place to write.  At my local library in Memphis, TN, we have a great location, that if you go to the top floor, you are surrounded by some of the best views.  Awesome place to sit and think my way through a scene.

As a result of my love for libraries, I joined a group that supports libraries.  There's an annual fee, nominal, and the funds go to support something I love.  Like many organizations, after you join, you receive a monthly magazine.  Flipping through the magazine the other day, I saw that authors like Sue Monk Kidd, Alice Greenway and Gabrielle Zevin will participate in an upcoming event for the ALA.  What a great way to reach out and and speak to librarians and an audience that love books!

I've done a few events with local libraries, one of them a major event, locally, which had many many authors from the area attend.  My books are located in the libraries for readers to check out and, hopefully, love :-)  Librarians ask me to participate on panels quite frequently.

I love working with libraries.

How do you use your local libraries and librarians?


Ana Morgan said...

We have a small but wonderful library that is linked to a bigger regional system. I can check out books on castles, travel, clothing in the Middle Ages. The library is my first go-to for research. It would be nice to own these books, but then I'd do nothing but research. Happily.

Angela said...

It is so easy to go to a "happy place" researching :-) I didn't think I'd get as deeply into researching as I have, but it is fun and interesting.