Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kindle in my Life

My Kindle Fire made a big difference in my life. I always carry it with me, and read at the gym, doctors’ and hospital waiting rooms, at the beach, pool, before sleeping,... I adjust the font and read.

Instead of carrying several books when I travel, I just pack my Kindle and iPad. With these two tablets, I am guaranteed not to run out of reading or out contact with the world.

Did you notice the number of people reading on their Kindle or iPad in airports, on planes or cruise ships, or at the beach in spite of the glare of the sun?

Can you believe I bought or downloaded over 300 ebooks in the last two years? And I reviewed 150 books! I was the first surprised to discover these numbers.

There is always room on my Kindle for more books to enjoy.

Is there more room on your Kindle for a few bestsellers?

HOLIDAY BABIES SERIES http://tinyurl.com/ndvgf9d, Box Set, award-winning romances: Christmas Babies, Valentine Babies, & Mother’s Day Babies, with holiday theme, passion, emotion and humor. And twin babies.

DOCTOR’S ORDERS Box Set, award-winning romances: Babies in the Bargain, No More Lies, Right Name, Wrong Man, with medical theme, passion, emotion and humor.  http://tinyurl.com/oaly3fu

FOREIGN LOVERS http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GUY1SDI
4 books promoted for 99c. Set in romantic and exotic international places, the romance novels in this box are sizzling with passion, emotion and sensual tension, and sprinkled with humor.



Terry Spear said...

Great post! My kids got me a Nook and I'm not sure how many stories I have on there. With deadlines, it's hard for me to get to it. But I will say that I was in an airport once and mined died on me right in the middle of a story. LOL So I was wishing I had a paper copy! I do love reading on it at night though when I have time.

Unknown said...

Great post Mona! I never thought I would like a kindle, but once I got one, I was in love. So much easer to take to appointments or on a trip than paper backs. Though I have to say I still love holding a paperback.

Mona Risk said...

Hi Terry, I hear you about ereader dying in an airport. How frustrating. I also hate when I have to turn it off during take off and landing.

Mona Risk said...

Emily, I found myself reading much more than in previous years, thanks to my Kindle. If I don't like a book, there is always another one to check.

Unknown said...

Wow! You've read and reviewed an ENORMOUSLY impressive number of books in the past two years. Yay you, Mona!

I will admit to being one of those people who held out as long as I could against purchasing a Kindle. I am addicted to the sheer romance of turning the pages of a physical book, holding it, sniffing it, loving it, pouring a glass of wine to go with it, and occasionally hugging it in my sleep. My love affair with books extends to a third story library stacked floor to ceiling with biographies, classics, bestsellers, and completely fun topics like How to Hang an Award Winning Christmas Lights Display Guaranteed to Strike Envy in the Heart of Every Neighbor. Okay, maybe that's not the exact title, but it's close. I guess I have a bit of Cindy Lou Who's mother in me.

Last Spring, however, the Army moved my family to Germany and we had to survive sans library for more than a month on each end of the journey. That was nearly three months without my stacks. It nearly broke my heart. I finally caved and bought an iPad and downloaded the apps for Kindle, Nook and iBooks.

My love of paper books will never go away, but I discovered owning an iPad is like having another child. There's always room in your heart to love one more. And yes! I've learned to love my iPad. The upper case kind of LOVE. There's no limit to its versatility, portability, and cool little features like how the screen stays lit when I read past my bedtime so I don't have to keep the lamp on.

Then without getting out of bed to power up my laptop, I can stay right where I'm at, click a few screens, type a brief review, and post it straight to Goodreads, Amazon, and BN.

And yes. There is room to add a few Mona Risk titles to my collection. Your series sound awesome. I can't wait to check them out. Ebooks rock!

Mona Risk said...

Hi Jo, I am glad you made the best out of your stay in Germany. I went several times and loved it. We rented a car and tour the Romantic Strauss.
Of course an iPad is a must these days. I just returned from a trip to New Zealand and Australia. I had my laptop, Ipad and Kindle with me. My laptop crashed the minute we landed in Auckland. Thanks God for the ipad and Kindle. LOL. And thank you for getting my boxed sets of books.

Ana Morgan said...

I have a Kindle app on my tablet, and I am slowly coming to love it. I still like physical books, but the convenience and price points are converting me. I run out of battery too quickly, though.
I have several Mona Risk books downloaded.