Thursday, May 27, 2010

Book of Your Heart

Every book I write IS the Book of My Heart. It all comes from your heart. You created that book out of your love for the craft. But it’s the Book of My Heart while I’m writing it. My next book will again be the current Book of My Heart until it’s finished. Now you’re probably saying “Every book can’t be THE Book of Her Heart.”
Yes, they can. The Laird’s Lady from The Wild Rose Press, was a Book of My Heart. It evolved from the song, How Do I Live Without You by Trisha Yearwood. When I first heard it, I envisioned a woman on a cliff mourning the loss of the man she’d love the rest of her life. I poured my heart & soul into creating Lady Devin and Laird Kyle. When I wrote the last page of the book, I was crying again, but for a good reason. The book was finished and it was a Happily Ever After.
Or The Captain’s Wench, from Devine Destinies. I love the old black & white movie The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Now my version is a sexy, spicier version, but nonetheless has a handsome sea captain Alexander who’s died and romance novelist Meg who starts out wanting him to go away and ends up wanting him to stay. I gave them a Happily Ever After, but as my readers know, I tend to put a spin on things so that you get to the end of the book and go “Ah, that is so cool.”
And just like me with writing a Book of My Heart, I know all you readers and writers out there can say the same about a book you’ve read. It’s a keeper in every sense of the word. I have several on my bookshelf that I have read over a dozen times each. Come on admit it, so do you (G). Which is why our bookcases, nightstands, floor space is crowded with tons of books we can’t bear to part with.
So from my overflowing home office full of books, I wish you many hours of happy writing, and I hope the next book you pick up (maybe mine) is a Book of Your Heart.
Patti Shenberger
Who doesn’t need a little romance in their life?

Bio – Patti Shenberger has loved writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil.
Her first sale was to a children’s magazine for an article on potato jewelry, but after sitting down with a romance novel thought “I can write something like this” and so she did. That was 15 years ago and she is still going strong with magazine length articles, romance novels, novellas and short stories.
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