Monday, May 10, 2010

Don't Drop the Ball!

Eighteen months ago, like thousands of others, I signed up with a network marketing company that promised the world. I did my due diligence. They had been in business eight years, so I signed up, to support my writing.

The result was a disaster for my writing. The company took me over; so much so, that I spent the next 15 months neglecting my writing in order to make the big money everyone else seemed to be making. How sad is that?

A publisher had bought “the book of my heart” but when it came to promoting it, the passion had gone. Not only that but I also had a book with another publisher that had to hold its own in the big, wide world because I had lost all interest in promoting it.

The reality was that I lost so much money and finally realised I had to call it quits and get a job. Then I discovered it had been a big scam all along. They’d re-branded themselves so there was no comeback.

Happily, that’s now in the past. I had a small windfall and was able to import one of the books. The moment I did that everything came back. My muse. My passion. My life. I still have the job, temporarily, but I can cope with that because I’m writing again.

And I suddenly realised that at the time, I’d had no faith in my writing, and given time, my writing could possibly have supported itself. Who knows?

Anyhoo,. I just wanted to say, don’t ever give up on your writing, no matter how tempting other offers may sound.

Believe in yourself. Believe in your writing. Don’t drop the ball and most of all, don’t ever give up on your dream.



Sheila Tenold said...

Thank you, Jean, for sharing this cautionary tale. A stark reminder to embrace perseverance. The other obstacles we face as writers, aside from the actual writing, are sometimes the most difficult stumbling blocks to reaching our goals. Even when you perform due diligence the outcome isn't guaranteed. I’m happy to hear you’re back on track and your muse is alive and kicking!

Tarot By Arwen said...

It is so crazy these days. You do all the research and still get screwed. Glad you got your passion back. No way you should let those unscrupulous curs take that from you.

Angela Kay Austin said...

Jean, I agree with everyone. It's great you didn't let others actions stop you from getting back up, and doing what you needed to do for you.

It all makes us stronger and wiser, and hey, what great stuff to put in a book ;-)

Anonymous said...

Jean, getting your passion back is priceless. Enjoy it. Enjoy your writing. Enjoy life.

Jodi Lynn Copeland said...

Oh, Jean, I'm so sorry you had to go through this! Getting the balance right is so hard. I am back in that place of trying to write for me and finding the passion again. It's an upward climb and one I am making along with a day job. My hat's off to you in getting back to what matters most!



Natasha Moore said...

How awful to get scammed like that! So glad you've gotten your passion back. I have a quote on my desk that says "Remember the Joy!" When things are tough, I try to remember what I love about writing.

And you can do it with the day job. I've been doing it for years :)

Great post.


Helen Scott Taylor said...

Jean, how terrible. I've heard so many similar stories over the years. It is easy to become distracted when people promise rewards for your hard work. The sort of people who run these scams are so clever at it. Glad you found your writing again.

J L said...

What a huge disappointment for you -- like so many others, the promotion side of writing can be such a time sink, and to invest in someone who hurts, but doesn't help -- how sad!

And I second what others have said. I've juggled a day job & my writing for 15 books now, and I've found that if you get the right day job, it adds a measure of sanity to the insanity that is the publishing business. Hang in there. It will all come together soon.

Joanne said...

Your post is cautionary, yet filled with hope. Hurray for your muse returning!
Thanks for sharing.