Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Citizen’s Police Academy-

I happened to be listening to an RWA tape from a few years ago about the Citizens Police Academy and how it could benefit writers. Here is a brief overview:

Imagine having the opportunity to go behind the scenes of a working police station at minimal cost, and for several hours each week.

Taking a Citizens Police Academy class gives any citizen, and in particular, a romantic suspense writer, an opportunity to work directly with police and law enforcement.

The application begins with a background check. It will be helpful to brush up on the terminology beforehand.

The charge for the course is minimal---normally $10.00 or more. Classes are usually offered one night a week for six weeks, for approximately three hours.

Participants might receive handouts, insider information---a valuable research tool, a T- shirt, coffee mug, and a special license plate for their car.

Some of the classroom experience includes a “ride along” with a police officer out on duty, a self-defense class, a trip to the firing range—to learn how to hold and shoot a gun, and a visit with the canine unit. All are excellent hands-on experiences for writers.

The primary reason these classes are offered to the community is so that citizens will understand why police do what they do and how they do it. It promotes good will and a better-educated citizen.

These details-are priceless in writing any type of police or detective story.

You can come up with conflicts for your hero and heroine. You will learn the correct jargon, and not offend your knowledgeable reader.

For more information, contact the police department in your area.

Please note: Police academies may not be offered in your area. Fees are an estimate, and class schedules, etc. may vary.


Anonymous said...

I so want to do a Citizen's Police Academy. My husband is a police officer but he doesn't talk about the job, so it would be nice to talk to other officers and get first-hand details for a story.

Mona Risk said...

Thanks Josie for the tip. I will look into my local Police Academy classes. I have a romatic suspense that got out of steam after 5 chapters and needs some interesting kick-start back into action.

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Interesting post. Anyone who writes romantic suspense should check into the Citizen's Police Academy.

Helen Scott Taylor said...

Sounds great if you want to write romantic suspense. I don't think they offer anything similar in the UK.

Joanne said...

Hi Ladies,
These classes should definitely be looked into for anyone writing romantic suspense.