Friday, September 17, 2010

What is up with all the Zombies!

Right now zombies are hot in the world of books and movies. Okay, let’s just say, their hot right now everywhere, YA, romance, and horror. Horror was their original home, but like all good demons, they moved next door to all the other genres.

Now I like a good Zombie story as well as the next person, Zombie Land was funny in its own odd way. My all time favorite was Will Smith’s, I am Legend (but then who can resist Will). So why are these really disgusting creatures so popular? I can’t figure it out. There doesn’t seem to be a good ending to there, ummm, lifestyle or illness, whichever comes first. They are ugly, on a good day. Even my all time favorite Vamps, steer clear of this individuals, because well, Vamps are dead, but these guys are just plan nasty. I like to think Eric of True Blood, before I even can consider imagining a sexy zombie. But yet they are everywhere, and agents are screaming for zombie stories. Cup a hand to ones ear and you can hear a faint howl for the creatures coming from the east. Sort of sounds like zombies to me.

My question, how does one write a romance, based on the Night of the Living Dead, with your neighbor eating the guy across the streets heart? Yuck, a very unpleasant idea. But that is what zombies are all about, just really gross stuff, still the world of entertainment with all the blood and guts, screams for zombies.

Now take for instance books. I got curious and did a bit of research for this blog, and found a lot of books on zombies, I mean a lot!!! A ton!! Which means, pretty soon Agents will be screaming no more zombies. Then those howls from the east will stop or change their tone. In my research, (I love research) I found list after list of books with ‘zombie’ in the title, everything from:

Zombie vs. Unicorn (if one can imagine a magical creature taking on the living dead)

The Zombie Survival Guide

Zombie Wars

Zombies: A field guide to the walking dead

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (top of the list right now)

Zombies for Dummies (Really someone needs to tell these folks they don’t exist.)

Zombies: Encounters with the hungry dead

Zombie Fallout

The Zombie Chronicles

Zompoc: How to survive a Zombie Apocalypse

I could go on and on. The list was unbelievable. You name it a zombie was involved and did it. It’s even more popular then vamps. At least Vamps are good looking, as are werewolves, which I think True Blood and The Vampire Diaries can attest too. And you can talk to them, they are sexy, fun and yeah a bit demented but hey years of living through time can do that to you! Zombies on the other hand, are just zombies.

Just like Vamps and werewolves, zombies are becoming a legend in our time. They started in 1968 with the original movie, Night of the Living Dead. The stars were unknown at the time, and remain so, with this low budget horror flick. But it did spurn a new type of legend that over forty years later has risen from the dead a vengeance and appetite for what else each other.

So what do you think of the ghouls that are so grossly popular right now?

Lee Lopez


Jill James said...

I'm not getting the whole Zombie thing, except maybe it ties into our fears of a virus getting loose from a lab and doing us all in. I'm ready a Zombie book right now, The Rising and I saw a popular book at the bookstore the other day with a female Zombie teenager as the main character.

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

I don't think about Zombies at all. I don't even get the popularity of Twilight and all the hype that goes with it. When I was a kid I liked Boris Karloff and the head of the Caradine family, John Caradine. To me those were scary, scary movies, but I was a kid and an easily influcenced one at that. Give me a good historical with gorgeous cowboys and I am a very happy girl. :)

Elizabeth said...

I can get into a good zombies horror story, but not in romance, thank you very much, and especially not as the love interest. That's called necrophilia, and it's disgusting, not to mention illegal!

Josie said...

I can't understand the zombie interest, especially if it is featured in a romance novel. But then, I wasn't interested in werewolves or vampires, either, until I saw the Twilight movies.

Lee Lopez said...

Sorry I didn't comment before now. I was out and town and really had some problems getting this to load!!! But thanks everyone for commenting, and helping me get my feet wet with this new blog.