Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yoga Anyone?

So here I am, no Yoga for 12 days. Okay, so I was at the beach in Cape May, New Jersey with the family. Sure, I did the daily brisk walk down the Boardwalk and back, but apparently, it wasn't enough. Not according to my sore muscles since returning to my Mudra Yoga classes.

I'm going into my seventh week, and I'm doing quite well with the poses . . . well, except for last night. How quickly my body screamed and resisted those poses I'd become so familiar with before vacation. Seriously, I'm a dedicated exercise person. Hell, sitting in front of the computer all day does something bad to your body. It's like your butt becomes the width of the chair. I'm not letting that happen to me. No way, Jose. As a result--you know, vanity and all that jazz, I exercise in the morning for a half hour 5 days a week, and become a Yogette in the evenings for an hour, 4 nights a week. I tried the 7 days a week exercising, but I just can't seem to make it happen. Hey, I figure my body is trying to tell me something, so I'm listening.

So back to yoga. Two of the yoga days are dedicated to kick-ass advanced classes and two are more manageable--okay, more for beginners, but nevertheless, still good with all the stretching. It's at a slower pace--restorative for all those tough poses I tried to twist my body into during the advanced days.

And speaking of which, the kick-ass instructor, the young whippersnapper that she is, moves fast. Here I am last night feeling all good about my 'downfaced dog' and when I look up, she's already onto 'upward dog facing'. Am I ever going to be able to move as quickly as she glides into those poses?

Well, third day this week, I'm doing my poses and she calls for the 'side plank' pose. I get my tired body ready to show my instructor I'm good at this, and you know what? I fell over. Yep, that's exactly what happened. LOL Talk about being embarrassed!

I think the next time I go on vacation, I'm taking a yoga DVD with me. Now onto to Zumba classes.


Lee Lopez said...

I like the idea of Zumba classes..That would be so much fun. I love to walk and bike too. I'm with you, when I spend to much time in the chair, I feel like I'm a part of it..Not a good feeling. Enjoyed the post!!

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

You are to be admired for your exercise routine. I actually hate working that hard - just a lazy old dog here. I wish I had your gumption and could do those things with my body, but it doesn't work for me. I bow at your feet.

Glad you had a good holiday, my friend. :)

Mona Risk said...

Carolyn, I am proud of you. Today I canceled my Pilates class because I wasn't feeling well. That's a no-no, because I only do it twice a week for a half hour. Not much. Last year I never canceled untless I was out of town.

Unknown said...

I have yoga class in 45 minutes. :)
Trying to get in some blog reading before it starts.
Have a great time at Zumba. I've heard great things.

Ami said...

Great post, Carolyn! I'm a yogi as well, have been for 13 years or so. I do it at home almost daily and sometimes take a class. I could spend all day in downward dog. Or pigeon. I've never tried Zumba, though I've seen it and it looks like a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments. Marlene, Yoga is actually easy. Zumba on the other hand is a lot of work. I've tried this two different times. The instructors were young, young, young, and got right into it with the music and neglected to show us the steps. They assumed we'd learn by their example. LOL Not!

Note to Exercise Instructors--please show your students the steps before you get into the groove.

Unknown said...

Sorry guys, I didn't mean to leave my comment anonymous. Twas me.

Keena Kincaid said...

I love a good exercise routine. It doesn't always keep your butt from getting bigger, but it helps the sagging middle (both story wise and body wise).

Zumba is fun. I did it for about six months (then the studio moved). It's a great aerobic workout.

Joan Leacott said...

I had to look up Zumba--looks like a lot of fun and a lot of work. Think I'll stick to my winter-time Pilates and summer-time lake swims.

Josie said...

It's interesting that you blogged about a Yoga class. I took my first Yoga class on Monday. Clearly, I must have poor balance. And the 5 minutes of quiet at the end? I was so afraid I was going to cough! I guess it will take a while to learn how to meditate.