Thursday, November 18, 2010


I don’t believe in ghost, in demons or angels. I don’t even write paranormal or read about vampires or scary things. Fantasies, super terrestrial, science fiction events are not my forte.

And yet a recognized and respected psychic recently told me that I was a psychic, myself.

Me? No way.
But how can I explain that my dreams come true. Not once, not recently. But on and on during my whole life. Ever since I was a teenager, I noticed that scary fact.

It all started when I was fifteen and a hard working A-student. After studying for hours the day before an exam, I would dream about the questions on the test and shared them with my classmates when I came to the classroom. Imagine my surprise when all the questions I dreamed about appeared on the exam sheet. When that strange thing repeated itself several times, all my friends believed in my dreams more than I did and gathered around me on exam morning to ask about the questions and quickly reviewed the subjects of interest. When I went to college, I didn’t reveal my special gift although it continued.

After I graduated and had no more exams to pass, my dreams and premonitions changed. I dreamed of people I knew. I saw deceased relatives calling family member or friends, and I woke up with cold sweats knowing they would die soon. Unfortunately, they passed away a few days after I saw them in my sleep.

The accuracy of my dreams terrifies me. They happen sporadically, at the least expected moment, and in the morning I always have that special feeling that the scene played in my subconscious was a prediction rather than a dream.

Does that phenomenon happen to any one of you?
Do you believe in dreams, cards, mark of coffee?
From where do you get the inspiration for your paranormal stories?

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Unknown said...

Whoa, Mona! Scary indeed, but a very interesting talent, to say the least.

I don't have those psychic abilities and quite happy I don't. If my dreams were only about good things, obviously I'd feel completely different. But I guess if you're going to have the ability, you have to take the good with the bad.

By the way, if you dream of something terrible happening to me, please don't tell me. :-)

Tarot By Arwen said...

I am a psychic who knows that everyone is psychic. It's not a unique ability but most of us closed off our abilities when we were very young.

Way to go, Mona, for allowing yourself to be open again.

Anonymous said...

This is fascinating territory, Mona! Like Arwen, I totally believe everyone has "extra senses" but most of us never explore that side of ourselves because we're so distracted by the "realities" of everyday life.
Thanks for sharing! Misty Dietz

Unknown said...

MONA--I have no doubt there are psychics among us. You, for example. I can't say I've ever had a dream come true, but sometimes they're so real I feel compelled to alert the person he is going to die. Oh, but no, I don't do that at all. And really. It's never happened with me.
Sort of like you, though, when going to college with two young children at home, I only studied from ten at night until around two in the morning. (Don't try this very long or you'll end up looking like a walking skeleton, and then get sick.) Anyway, I struggled with physics, not being equipped mathematically. I would sit at the kitchen table and work and work and ponder on a problem, and finally go to bed wondering what I would do about it in class the next day. But duriing the night, the solutions often came to me, I'd jump up, finish it, and go to school. That's just my subconcious, though, working through something.
My mother thought she was. She believed in those old wives'tales and when she dreamed them, she believed they would happen. Did not.
Example, she dreamed about chickens and eggs, meaning someone was pregnant. Calling the next morning, she tell me, I bet you're pregnant right now. No. She was never right, but that didn't stop her from trying!

Ana Morgan said...

I believe everyone has some psychic ability. Often we pay attention only in times of stress. The mother who feels something terrible has happened to a distant child. The patient who floats temporarily above his body in the ER. We've all had deja-vu, or felt something was about to happen.
We may or may not 'label' that pyschic ability.
Knowing what to trust, and using what is revealed responsibly is a challenge. Tarot, I Ching, astrological forecasts can foster that trust. So does working in and with Nature, and the support of like-minded people.

Keena Kincaid said...

I think many of us "see" like we listen, at half-attention with our minds somewhere else.

I know the psychic dreams can be scary, but at least they give you the opportunity to say bye, if you're so inclined.


Pamala Owldreamer said...

I am not a psychic,however I was told I am an empath. I can go to a place inside of myself and know what to say to someone or know what they are feeling. Occasionally I have dreams that come true.I will admit that I do see ghosts at times.I don't summon them are actively look for them. They just appear at odd moments. walk through a room or stroll past a window.My best friend is an amazing psychic and a very strong empath.Maybe being a mix of Irish and Native American has something to do with these abilities.

Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

Oh, Mona. Your post gave me chills. When I was a teenager, my dreams told me things I didn't want to know. As I matured, the telling dreams went away. I think out of fear, I suppressed the ability. Now, I wish I could dream about my characters before I write the next scene. :)

Barbara Monajem said...

Wow, Mona. What a fascinating post.
My biggest problem with being psychic -- or not -- is that it's impossible (for me at least) to tell what's psychic experience and what's imagination. Sounds like you don't have any difficulty with that!

LK Hunsaker said...

Interesting, Mona. That's not a power I'd want. I am often told I'm very intuitive and I've seen plenty of evidence of that.

I agree with others that it's available to all of us, but not all of us are open to it. Maybe because we truly don't want to be?

Mona Risk said...

Carolyn, I hope I never dream bad things about my friends.

Arwen, you seem to be an expert on the subject. I don't even understant what you mean, by being open about it.

Misty. I think you may have a point here about everyone having some psychic ability. Maybe we are afraid to admit it.

Mona Risk said...

Celia, my mother was like yours. She believed that dreaming of something green meant you will receive money. Something black was bad. A baby boy was bad news, a baby girl good news, etc...

Ana, I know some people who often say, 'I have a feeling that...' Maybe they are extra intuitive.

Keena, it's not just about death. Once I dreamed about my son's fiancee throwing her wedding dress on the floor at the altar. Two days later he told she dumped him!!! I can tell you dozens of similar examples. And that's what scares me.

Mona Risk said...

OMG Pamala, I would have a heart attack if I saw a ghost. I don't even see movies with ghost stories. What is an empath?

Dawn Mary, sorry if I scared you, but I scare myself with those crazy dreams. They just come.

Barbara, I have a feeling when I wake up that this is not a usual dream. I kind of float for a few seconds between my dream and reality. That's when I know IT is going to happen in real life.

Mona Risk said...

Loraine, even if I close myself I just dream. My mother passed away almost two months ago. I miss her a lot and have been thinking of her continuously. Well three days ago, I dreamed about her. She was standing on her feet, no wheelchair, opening boxes. She said she loved her new place and is settling down, that she had many people to talk and I shouldn't worry about her. And then I saw my aunt who died two years ago and her husband who died six months ago. Too many deaths around me recently. But Mom kept repeating not to worry about her. I woke up so happy to have seen her in a good shape and satisfied with her new life.

Jill James said...

Mona, I think everyone has some level of being psychic, we've just learned to ignore it. We are told it is a dream, or deja vu, or we are nuts.

Every member in my family who has died has visited me after their death to say good-bye. I have passed on their messages to loved ones, whether they believe or not. Usually not, but I feel better knowing I did what was asked of me.

Helen Scott Taylor said...

Interesting and scary to dream what will happen in the future. I believe we all have extra senses and talents but most of us ignore them. I have had some strange things happen in my life. I have learned to trust my gut instincts about things. When I doubt myself, I often get a sign that I am on the right track.

Mona Risk said...

Jill, you see you too dream important message.

Helen, you have a good intuition. So you are right to trust your gut instincts.

Maggie Toussaint said...

Hi Mona,

The first thing I'm going to say is that I hope you don't dream about me, LOL! And if you do, please tell me so that I can tie up all the loose ends flapping around.

Several folks have mentioned this already, but I also believe that everyone is psychic to some degree. I also believe that some people listen and respect that inner voice or intuition or whatever they call it.

I've had several psychic moments throughout my life, none as prophetic as yours, but still, enough for me to think I knew more about things than I did. I still get an "off" feeling about certain things and when that happens I respect the feeling and change course.

Intriguing post.


Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Yes, Mona, I am a believer, but I think you know that already. For instance, I wrote a historical where my heroine was shanghied and ended up on a ship bound for San Francisco without her luggage. After my Mother died I was reading through the geneology books she'd assembled and found seven stories my great, great grandmother had written (and supposedly the first stories a woman had published in a magazine). I nearly stopped breathing as a read through a section that was a young woman on a ship to San Francisco and she had no luggage. The words I read were almost verbatem to what I had written. I'd never read the stories before - now how did that happen??? I changed my story a wee bit because I felt uncomfortable. A person who does past lives said she didn't know if I'd inherited grandma's memories or if maybe I was her in a former life. No matter, it was definitely an experience.

Mona Risk said...

Maggie, God forbid I ever dream about you or any of my friends here.

Paisly, now you are the one giving me the chills!!! But your story is fabulous and your book even better.

Toni V.S. said...

I've done that same thing, Mona but my were usually of events that had happened but I had no way of knowing at the time. Is that called Retrocognition? I dreamed on Stalin's death, and woke up to turn on the TV and hear the announcement. One morning I woke up, announced, "I think it's time Queen Elizabeth had another baby," and opened the paper to see that announcement and when he was born, I said, "She's going to call him Andrew." The paper said Albert Christian Andrew was the new arrival's name. That ability has slacked off now. Probably because I'm getting so blase in my old age.

Joan Leacott said...

OMG, you mean the coffee-cup readings you did for me are going to come true! No wonder you keep sticking with me and my stories.

Mary Ricksen said...

I love it Mona! Any predictions for me?
I once had a psychic tell me I had healing hands. That my touch could help people begin to use their own power to fight illness. Mental or physical. I don't know about that but I have a lot of relatives who use me as a shrink. Does that count?
I find another new thing about you Mona! You blow me away!

Mary Marvella said...

I'm not psychic, bit it sounds like you are, Mona. Excellent blog!

Josie said...

I have such mixed feelings about this. Part of me believes that people have psychic abilities, but the other part, the skeptic part, questions everything.