Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Surprise Review by Rolynn

I am one nervous Nellie right now, hoping my second novel, published by Wild Rose Press (FADEOUT-to be released 10/12/12) is a story readers will enjoy. It’s nail-biting time as I wait for the first readers to tell me what they think of my plot and characters, and then, palms sweating, I wait for the first official reviews. True, reviews come from individuals, yet I weigh those lone reviewers as if their opinions represent at least one hundred people.
Everyone knows that reviews are hard to get these days with so many novels out there. My first novel, LAST RESORT, got two reviews from the big guns,
While I was happy with them, I had hoped for more reviews. Then, out of the blue, more than one year after my novel’s release date, when my sales are tanking, I get another review
Does anyone understand why books get reviewed a year after release?
Will good reviews spur sales even if they come out a year after release?
If so, I’d have to push for more reviews long after my novels are published, perhaps to different reviewers than my publisher sent to originally. Is that what you do?
All of this is a puzzle to me. Thanks ahead of time for your input! Rolynn (On her boat up and B.C. with only e-mail access...I'll be back on the grid in one week to read your comments!)
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Josie said...

I haven't published yet so can offer no words of wisdom on reviews. Keep us posted, though, and enjoy your beautiful boat.

Rolynn Anderson said...

Thanks, Josie. My learning curve is so steep that I'm into oxygen deprivation :-)