Monday, August 13, 2012

Writing the Sequel

Writing is my passion, a way to escape from everyday trials and get lost in my own world where conflict can be resolved with words. After I finished my first book, Crashing Hearts, I decided to write a sequel. Bridges Burned was begun.  Shortly after beginning it, I decided to go a different route and start something else.  So I set the sequel aside. After Crashing Hearts was released I had people asking me “What happens with Charlene?” “Where’s the money?” If you haven’t read Crashing Hearts you might want to pick up a copy to find out where these questions are coming from.

As I had finished my second book, I went back to the sequel I had already started.  Do you know how difficult it can be when people are expecting the story to actually turn it out? Trust me, it has moments where I struggle with it. However, the intense pleasure of knowing readers want this story spurs me to write, rethink, and write some more. Bridges Burned brings me back to where the whole idea for Crashing Hearts started. Crashing Hearts will always hold a special part in my heart as it is a story that brought healing to my own heart. As I write Bridges Burned I find that warmth and excitement for these characters returning, spurring me on to write Charlene’s story. Is she redeemable? Was she that bad in the first book?  Only questions you can answer by reading Crashing Hearts.

As I leave you with a short excerpt, I hope you will want to continue the journey through the second book. If you are curious as to what Mirrored Deception is about check out the books section at

Chapter 1
Kira Nichols pushed back her hair as the crisp salt air blew it across her face. She walked up the path—her sneakers leaving small impressions in the soft sand—to the cul-de-sac. At the empty lot across from her house, the foundation had been capped over and abandoned for about a year now. 

She sprang into a run at the rumble of a sports car arriving at a fast clip. She arrived at the cul-de-sac at the same time the vehicle skidded to a stop. She caught her breath as the lean, ruggedly handsome man exited his vehicle. The smile he flashed her was one she imagined had many women melting at his feet. 

Kira squared her shoulders and approached him. Her five foot two inch frame seemed minute compared to his at least six foot stature. She willed herself to appear calm and not give away that her senses had completely left her at the sight of him. 

“Grant Rutledge.” He extended his hand to her. His deep voice, like a shot of brandy, was warm and soothing. She swallowed hard, her anger forgotten for a brief second. Then it flared back and she ignored his hand. “Do you have any idea that there are children in this area?” she demanded, planting her hands on her hips. 

“My apologies if you felt I was going too fast.” He gave an exaggerated glance around. “There aren’t any children about now.” He smiled that smile again and in spite of her anger, her heart melted. She started with the realization he still had his hand extended in introduction. She tentatively shook his calloused fingers. Tingles shot up her arm and she struggled with not yanking her hand away. Heat flooded her face. She prayed he couldn’t tell. 

“Again, I apologize. I hope you wouldn’t think I have no regard for children.” 

Kira turned to go. “I just know the type.” She gestured absently at the car. She forced herself to walk slowly towards her house, feeling his eyes on her back. Her mind whirled. She had practically melted at the sound of his voice. Her cheeks reddened at the thought of him watching her walk away—thankful she had stayed in shape. 

The solitude of the cul-de-sac was the reason she originally loved this spot. Her house had been the only one in this two-lot area for six years. She hoped the new construction company would be considerate and not disrupt the serenity, and keep working hours to normal business hours, hours when Jared was in preschool. 

She thought back to the long hours they kept when they put in the foundation. Jared had been unable to sleep due to the noise and disruption of his routine. Hopefully this time around the noise wouldn’t disturb him. He was just beginning to sleep through the night. 

If only she could.

If you enjoyed this excerpt of Crashing Hearts and want to read more, you can find it here.


Terry Spear said...

Sometimes I find it's hard to write a sequel after you've written several other books and finally are getting back to the earlier one because you have to reread their story to recall all their quirks. But when fans are asking for the book, it makes it all the more worthwhile!

Good luck, Emma!

Ana Morgan said...

It would be a great motivator, I feel, to have fans clamoring for a sequel. It is an affirmation of the characters you brought to life and the skill with which you created their world and told their story. Go Colleen!

Darcy Flynn said...

I think it's difficult to write a sequel. What a complement to you and your writing that we're all wanting more!

Best to you, Emma!

Mona Risk said...

As a reader, I remember reading a book by Debbie MacComber and getting very frustrated because the book ended without giving me the answers. I looked for the sequel and read it eagerly, but this was a trilogy. I needed the third book. I looked for it everywhere. It wasn't on the market. I was so frustrated I never bought books by this author again although she was one of my favorites. That's why I avoid reading series and I don't write them...until now. I finally got to write a book as part of a series. But each book is a complete story. The only thing that makes the series is that three books will take place in the same setting, the same High Rise. I don't want my reader to face the same frustration I went through.

Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

Hi, Emma. I love reading series even though the wait for the next book is sometimes maddening. I enjoy visiting with old friends in the new stories. I often reread the previous books just before the next book is due to release.

As a writer, I enjoy writing related books, although it can be difficult to keep all the facts straight. I keep index cards on each character and on specific plot threads.

Have fun with Bridges Burned. btw: Great title.

Emma Leigh said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by. The support is amazing!!

Josie said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your excerpt. Great read!