Saturday, August 11, 2012

Music and Writing

I'm one half of a writing team. My partner loves to send me links to music videos that fit her writing mood. She has eclectic taste, so I always enjoy it. We've been revising our current project. As we redid our outline, for every scene in the beginning she assigned a song to it that she considered set the tone of the scene. The songs represented everything from rap to ballad to rock. Some I really liked, some I winced a little, but hey, if these speak to her muse, who am I to say anything?

My partner will turn up the music loud, get in front of that keyboard and type away. She thrives on the beat and the music gets inside her and loosens up those creative juices that gets her imagination flying.

I am totally the opposite. I cannot focus if music is on. It blocks me. I don't know why. I love listening to the links she sends, but I listen to them as music. When I'm ready to sit at the keyboard, the music goes off. No matter how many times I have tried, listening to music distracts me, makes it difficult for me to concentrate and to get my muse working.

How about you? Can you have music on when you write? Do you listen to a certain kind of music or do you match the music to your current project or scene?

Tell me in the comments. I wonder if there are others like me that can't write with the music on. ( :


Emma Leigh said...

For me I love having music on while I'm writing. The type of music will depend on the scene.

Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

I'm with you, Gabriella. I can't write with music on. Too distracting.

Terry Spear said...

Sometimes I listen to music. Some I listen to the Bourne Identity and other series for romantic suspense, or I'd listen to Celtic music while writing my historicals. Sometimes I have a lot of background noise as in trying to write in an airport or when the kids are little. Sometimes, like now, except for the fan spinning around, I hear blissful silence while I'm writing. I think it's good if you can block out any "noise" and still be able to write! :)

Mona Risk said...

Gabriella, like you I like the absolute silence to concentrate and compose. Music would distract and upset me.

Josie said...

I am exactly like you, Gabriella, but it might be because I am a musician. I can't have any music on while I write, because it's too distracting and I begin analyzing the chords.