Thursday, July 25, 2013

Busy vs. productive vs. frantic

The other day I updated my Facebook status with what I'd accomplished that day: wrote 3 chapters, drafted 1, cleaned out a closet, etc.

Someone posted back that I seem to get so much done in the course of a day, far more than she, and she's surprised because she's not working full-time and I am.

I think that's why I can be so productive. You know that old expression -- "if you want something done, give it to the busiest person in the room." I work full-time, which means I have very little free time. I tend to organize my free time very carefully. I get as much done as I can and I don't waste much time doing it.

I'm also up and moving by 5 a.m. every day, weekend or weekday. If I'm up by 5, then I can exercise and get ready for my work day, which starts at 6. I work (off and on, admittedly) until 5 in the afternoon. Because I telecommute full-time, I can take time in the day to get the groceries, do the laundry, and do those other errands that would normally suck time out of my weekend.

So when weekend rolls around, I have time to do what I want to do -- which makes it look like I get a lot done, but really, it's just a matter of organization.

Let's face it: if I didn't get organized, I couldn't produce 28 books in 7 years. Those are just the ones that are in print. I've got 4 more ready to go.

Now let's see ... where's that To Do List for the weekend ....

J L Wilson
(28 books and counting)

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Ana Morgan said...

You are a dynamo, J L. Truly to be admired for your productivity.
I go in spurts. Right now, I'm bushed and want to vegetate. But I just did two straight weeks of non-stop veggie picking, film cast and crew catering, and general grandma duty in non-air-conditioned heat and humidity. I deserve a few hours off.