Sunday, July 14, 2013


Forgive me ahead of time if I don’t jump in to plug this blog post or comment on it.  If I have my dates right, I’ll be on my boat in a place where I cannot receive or send e-mail.  My apologies ahead of time.  And to prove I’m telling the truth about my location, you can track me on our GPS breadcrumbs at this site and learn about our adventures on my DH’s blog.

For your reading pleasure, I have a confession to make and a tidbit to offer, silly as it may seem.
You know those metal-based or ceramic brushes used by our hairdressers to fluff up our hair as they blow dry our tresses?  I’d never used one until four years ago.  The process appeared to be impossible to maneuver by oneself, so I never even tried it.

Three things happened to change my mind.  First, I heard about a high-priced salon owner in L.A., who charged $250 for a half-hour instruction on how to blow-dry your own hair using the brushes. (Are you kidding me?) Second, I wanted to let my hair grow long and try for a poofy look.  Third, the hairdresser I’ve used for twelve years, looked at me like I was an imbecile when I said I surely couldn’t get the hang of it. 

So I went to a salon supply store and learned how to pick the right brush.  The rest was practice, practice, practice.  I also experimented with the goops and mousses I could apply to my hair to retain the poof.

I’ve come to think of my new skill as good exercise for my arms.  I mean, you really have to stretch and strain to keep that brush AND the hair dryer up in the air for all that time.  What's more, there is a kind of art to it to take pride in...and I didn't have to spend $250 to figure out how to do it!

Here on the boat, I tend to do the quickie blow-dry when the generator is on.  Forget the poof.   Most important tip for the summer: Relax and enjoy it!  Rolynn