Sunday, July 7, 2013

Take a Moment to Enjoy the Flowers...

Night Blooming Daylily
Whoa! I’ve been crazy-busy for the last several months. June totally blew by with the release of Just Beyond the Garden Gate and the following virtual tour. Next week, I’ll head to Atlanta to attend the RWA® 2013 national conference. I’m a tad overwhelmed by all I need to do before I leave. But, I took a deep breath and stole a moment to enjoy the beauty in my WIP garden.
Aren’t these daylilies gorgeous? Well, actually they are special. They bloom in the evening. I purchased them when we lived in New Jersey and were working late hours. In July, these beauties greeted us at our doorstep after a long day in the corporate world. We potted a few plants and moved them to Maryland with us.
Last night, we enjoyed their sweet perfume while having a glass of wine. I imagine faeries visited after we went to bed.
Available for Kindle and Nook

The Scottish Highlands—a place where faeries and brownies and other fae creatures dance through time. On occasion, so do mere mortals.

Determined to regain her royal status, a banished faerie princess accepts a challenge from the High-Queen of the Fae to unite an unlikely couple while the clan brownie attempts to thwart her.

Passion ignites when a faerie-shove propels burned-out business consultant Laurie Bernard through the garden gate, back through time, and into the embrace of Patrick MacLachlan. The arrogant clan chief doesn’t know what to make of the lass in his arms, especially when he recognizes the brooch she wears as the one his stepmother wore when she and his father disappeared.

With the fae interfering at every opportunity, the couple must learn to trust one another while they battle an enemy clan, expose a traitor within their midst and discover the true fate of the missing parents. Can they learn the most important truth—love transcends time?

Journey from the lush gardens of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to the Scottish Highlands of 1509 with Just Beyond the Garden Gate.
~Dawn Marie


Ana Morgan said...

Night-blooming day lilies! Who'da thunk?
They're gorgeous, as all daylilies are.
Great pix.
Have fun in Atlanta!

Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

Thanks, Ana! Not only do they bloom in the evening, but they have a lovely scent.

morgan said...

I used to have lunar glories that bloomed only at dark. You could use a break too. :)

Ashley York said...

Two new flowers for my need to buy for my garden. I love flowers that have a strong scent. My butterfly bush made it's way into my contemporary inspirational but no fairies. Loving your book, Dawn.

Lane McFarland said...

Beautiful flowers, Dawn! I have a Daylily garden, but no night blooming lilies. So pretty... Your book sounds great! Hope to meet you in Atlanta!

Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

Hey, Morgan. I'm not sure what lunar glories are. Are they white. White, pale yellow, and pale pink flowers are great for moon gardens. Of course, expect faeries to show up and dance through the night. :)

Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

Hi, Ashley. When I select flowers for the garden, I consider color, shape, foliage, and scent. I think scent is especially important for the evening garden. :)

Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

Hi, Lane. Look for me in Atlanta.