Friday, October 4, 2013

Top Ten Fears

Wonder What Book He's Reading?

What Scares People the most?

Apparently, it isn’t the Zombie Apocalypse. I went to the Internet to find out what the ten most common fears and phobias are.
According to Live Science, the top ten phobias are:
10. The Dentist- 20% of the population never visit the dentist because of anxiety.
9. Dogs-fear of dogs is a very real. Ironically, 70% of dog bites are from purse-sized dogs.
8. Flying-25 million people do not fly because of their fear of crashing or being confined for hours.
7. Thunderstorms- this fear last through adulthood.
6. The Dark-this is usually associated with the unexpected.
5. Heights- 5% of the population fears heights.
4. Other people-this fear usually shows up at age 13. It prevents the person from public speaking and even eating or drinking around strangers.
3. Scary Spaces- this includes elevators, trains, buses, subways, malls, sporting events, bridges and airplanes.
2. Spiders-girls showed an aversion to spiders as early as eighteen months, while boys didn’t.
1. Snakes-this is thought to be a holdover from primitive times when people encountered snakes daily.

List Verse gave the top ten fears as opposed to phobias.
10. Loss of freedom-this could be jail or a country takeover.
9. The Unknown-this explains the saying “Better the evil you know.”
8. Pain-we do a great deal to avoid pain.
7. Disappointment
6. Misery-this can be defined from poverty, sickness, even living in a bad marriage.
5. Loneliness- People fear dying alone.
4. Ridicule-no one likes it.
3. Rejection- this can be everything from a loss of friendship to a relationship breakup.
2. Death
1. Failure

Not a maniacal clown in either list. I will admit to not liking monkeys or needles. What scares you?


Wendi said...

2. Spiders-girls showed an aversion to spiders as early as eighteen months, while boys didn’t.

Obviously, they didn't know my son at 18 months!

morgan said...

Hi Wendi,

As a small child, my father introduced me to the snakes on our farm and explained that they kept the rodent population down. The spiders kept the flies and mosquitoes population down too. :)

Thanks for commenting. Congrats on your release.

Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

Well, Morgan, that picture totally crept me out. I can't stand snakes. :)

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