Monday, October 7, 2013

Virtual Blue Ridge Mountain Tour

Photo Taken from the Skyline Drive in VA

Sometimes I need a break, a getaway. Since the National parks are closed, how about taking a virtual trip to one of my favorite getaways--Shenandoah National Park?

Photo Taken from Discovery Hiking Trail

Nothing like a hike in the mountains to ease stress. Now, let's head south on Skyline Drive to the Blue Ridge Parkway and drive to North Carolina where some of the characters from the Highland Gardens novels live.

Photo Taken From the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC

Did you know time-traveling Highlanders live in the Blue Ridge Mountains?

Available for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo


Just Beyond the Garden Gate

A Highland Gardens Novel
Book 1

The Scottish Highlands—a place where faeries and brownies and other fae creatures dance through time. On occasion, so do mere mortals.

Determined to regain her royal status, a banished faerie princess accepts a challenge from the High-Queen of the Fae to unite an unlikely couple while the clan brownie attempts to thwart her.

Passion ignites when a faerie-shove propels burned-out business consultant Laurie Bernard through the garden gate, back through time, and into the embrace of Patrick MacLachlan. The arrogant clan chief doesn’t know what to make of the lass in his arms, especially when he recognizes the brooch she wears as the one his stepmother wore when she and his father disappeared.

With the fae interfering at every opportunity, the couple must learn to trust one another while they battle an enemy clan, expose a traitor within their midst and discover the true fate of the missing parents. Can they learn the most important truth—love transcends time?

Journey from the lush gardens of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to the Scottish Highlands of 1509 with Just Beyond the Garden Gate.

~Dawn Marie


morgan said...

Hi Dawn,
Great that you were able to research such beautiful place. Thanks for sharing it.

Ana Morgan said...

Beautiful scenery, Dawn.
And a great story.

Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

Thanks, Morgan and Ana! I just love the mountains. :)