Friday, October 25, 2013

Why are Mondays so crazy?

I recently had a VERY stressful Monday. Work piled up at the Paycheck job, a crisis in my plot for my current WIP, errands to run, meals to cook, company coming...

Just 24 hours earlier I was unstressed and relaxed. What makes Mondays so insane?

I think it's because I manage to totally forget about Paycheck work from about 4 PM on Friday until 6 AM on Monday. Then it sort of hits me in the face: rats--I've got to do THAT again.

Add in the fact that weekends are often busy with events, so there's no time for errands, and Mondays often feel like Stuff is ganging up on me.

I'm turning over a new leaf (appropriate for the fall). From now on, I'm looking at that To Do list and deciding: does it have to be done today? If not, push it off and find another day. I'm going to try to make my Mondays a tad bit easier on myself.

But I'm still going to totally forget about that Paycheck from from Friday to Monday. That's a little bit of sanity for my weekend.

30 books and counting

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Ana Morgan said...

Lists are the salvation for the overburdened, IMO, J L.
Check 'em off or tear them into pieces, and feel like you've made progress.