Sunday, November 25, 2012

For the shopping-impaired ...

I dislike shopping. I'm the person who goes in a store, tries on clothes, and if it fits, I buy it in 3 colors and I'm out of there in record time. I used to shop for amusement (cheap amusement, focusing on five&dime stores for the treasures I could find). Some of those bargains are still with me. I have two $10 tables that I bought in the mid-80s, and I have a picture purchased around the same time for $5. I don't particularly love those items, but they're sturdy, serve their purpose, and I see no reason to get rid of them.

Nowadays I shop early (as in, early in the a.m.) so I can beat the crowds. I really dislike crowded stores, jostling people, and noise. So I go early, grab what I want, and beat a hasty retreat. I watched TV with the stories of Black Friday shoppers, and my sister & I went out on Thanksgiving night, driving around to check on those who were camping out, waiting for doors to open. Then we went home to our warm house, fire in the fireplace, and had a glass of wine. My idea of shopping!

I do quite a bit of online shopping, but I also try to shop locally. There are a couple of small towns near me and I go there occasionally to shop in the local stores, usually finding unusual items for gift-giving or use. Or I buy things in gift shops of local museums to give as gifts.

I've found as I get older that I am trying to get rid of things, not accumulate things. I hate having clutter around me, and every month I do a sweep through the house and try to fill a bag with items for Salvation Army or Goodwill. I used to donate regularly to the Vietnam Vets (but they aren't as active here in my new home town). Anybody who is convenient for donation: you get my stuff! I have a firm rule that if a pair of shoes comes in the house, a pair must leave (and the same for handbags, my downfall). This keeps the Accumulation Urge in check and makes it easier to me to weed out.

At this time of year I am always acutely aware of what is really important (food, shelter, clothing, safety) and what is just icing on the cake (stuff). All you have to do is read a few international headlines to develop this awareness.

This holiday season, I hope you get the chance to pause, reflect, and enjoy what's around you, to savor what you have in your life. Let's face it: that's the real gift, isn't it?


Josie said...

You are so right on focusing on what's most important during the holiday season. And, I love online shopping, too, especially Amazon.

morgan said...

My days of Black Friday are way over. Your idea of seeing the corwds then savoring the night over a glass of wine has merit.:)

My daughter worked Friday at Kohls, she kept calling the shoppers animals, hopefully not to their faces.