Monday, November 26, 2012

Men in Kilts (Forget Get Men in Black!): Highland Rake! by Terry Spear

There's just something about men in kilts! Even if you're not from a Scottish background, wouldn't you like to tangle with one of these?

Did you ever watch Star Trek? I loved Scottie! :)

So after two years, and now that I'm not working a full time job also, I hope to have another Highland story out much sooner! I have the cover and I have the story started! :)

But for now, here is the 3rd book in The Highlanders Series: Highland Rake.

In book 1, Winning the Highlander's Heart, we get the 2nd eldest brother's story, Malcolm and Lady Anice. Then in book 2, The Accidental Highland Hero, we have the eldest, James, and Lady Eilis.

And now book 3, Highland Rake! They are stand alone titles, so it's not essential that they are read in order, though a couple of instances are mentioned in Highland Rake about the trouble Dougald got into in The Accidental Highland Hero.

Dougald is staying with James, and he's the third eldest brother of the four. But if you've read The Accidental Highland Hero, Dougald is known to have his own difficulties, and so...that continues. And of course his good Norseman friend, Gunnolf, is along for the ride. Cousin Niall wants to join in the adventure, but doesn't really understand what that entails. And youngest brother, Angus, joins the party!

So here 'tis! Those loving Highlanders!

Dougald's story, 3rd book in the popular medieval Highland series.
Dougald MacNeill is the next to youngest MacNeill brother and he's not about to settle down, until Lady Alana Cameron is placed squarely in his lap...and then, the trouble begins.

When Dougald finds Alana roaming the heather on the MacNeill lands, he takes her in hand to see his laird brother James at Craigly Castle to determine her fate. But who has sent her there and why? Her uncle, laird of the Cameron clan, that has warred with the MacNeills for years, has made a marriage arrangement with another clan and now that is even at stake.
Having witnessed her father's death, and even believing he had returned her home when all along he had been dead, Alana discovers she has the gift, or curse, of seeing the newly departed and sometimes those who should have long ago passed over. Her own deceased brother continues to plague her, the rake, and now another, who is very much of the flesh, Dougald MacNeill, has her thinking marrying a rake might just have its benefits. Dougald's sister, who is one feisty ghost, has offered to help Alana keep Dougald in line if he thinks of even straying.
But who sent Alana on a fool's errand in the first place to remove her from the Cameron's lands and set her squarely in Dougald's care, and who really killed her father and her brother, and what has it all to do with Alana? Will she and Dougald learn the truth before it is too late?
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Who wouldn't want a hunky Highlander??? :)

Terry, who was stung by a yellow jacket on Friday morning, and the redness and swelling are not going away! May have to see a doctor on Monday. *argh* Though not sure what they would do about it!
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Josie said...

We visited Scotland several years ago on a home exchange. It was beautiful and we'd return in a heartbeat. Hope you're feeling better after that yellow jacket bite!

Terry Spear said...

Hey, Josie, now that sounds like fun!!! The redness is still there. I had a terrible reaction to the bite.

morgan said...

Hi Terry,
I met Scotty at a Star Trek convention. ( Yes, I am that big of a nerd.)My oldest is named after him, Scott. Ironically, my dear husband is named Scott too. And the three of us all want to go to Scotland. Your books will only whip that Scottish fever a bit more.

I'm so envious of Josie for visiting. ;)