Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I love all things holiday!

Thanksgiving disappeared in the blink of an eye?!  One day I walked into one of my favorite stores and it was Halloween, and in the next moment it was Christmas.   It’s a little sad because I love the holiday season.  I hate to see it moving by so quickly.

As a kid, my brother and I would have the best time playing in the snow until our fingers tingled.  My mother feared our fingers and toes would fall off, and she’d force us to come in the house.  We’d go inside long enough to warm up, but we’d hit the door running as soon as our mother allowed it. 

Eventually, we’d come home to find turkey, duck, macaroni and cheese, and tons of desserts: sweet potato pie, pecan pie, and chocolate cake waiting for us.  After we stuffed ourselves, we’d sit back and play cards, board games, sing…whatever we wanted to do.  We didn’t have a fireplace when I was a child (I always wondered how Santa found us,) so we made due with flipping the television to whatever channel ran the Yule log with holiday music in the background.  Except, we would mute the television and blast any group from Motown.

For many many years, I lived on the east coast away from my family who lived in the south.  So, traveling back home always filled me with excitement.  If anybody was watching, I’m sure I had a grin on my face every single time I boarded the plane.  Because I knew I’d see my parents, my brother, my niece, and my nephews.  Every year I spent away from them increased my joy when I did see them, and I cherished every moment.

I believe that’s why I love watching holiday movies, reading holiday inspired books, and can’t get enough of holiday music!  I won’t say that my home looks like the North Pole relocated to my address.  But, it definitely never lacks the vibe of the holiday.

Thanksgiving is always one of my favorites because it’s not about gifts, but about spending time with family and friends.  Thanksgiving is gone, but Christmas is on the way!      

Christmas.  I hate to admit it, but I think I’m hoping for a little snow.  I thought living on the east coast had broken me from my love of snow and all things cold J  But, nothing says holiday to me like spending time with my family with a little snow on the ground and egg nog in my glass.

My first holiday short story released last year. It's set in my hometown of Memphis, TN.  There's snow, family, love, and a little holiday magic.  I’m currently working on another holiday story that hopefully will be complete and submitted by the end of year.  Maybe you’ll see it out there next year!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season!  And I hope you and your families are safe, happy, and healthy.

Don't drink too much egg nog!


morgan said...

Hi Angela,
I am a big holiday person. I even made up rituals for various holidays that no one else has, we have lucky leprechaun that vists on St. Patrick's day. By the way, we had snow last night.

Really bummed no one celebrate St. Agnes' Eve any more. That was the night unmarried girls would dream of their future husband.

Happy Holidays...hope you get see everyone you want to, and get a little snow.

Angela Kay Austin said...

Thanks Morgan! I think I saw an old movie set in Italy about some unmarried women's ritual. It was cute, but I can't remember the name of it.

I hope you enjoy your holidays!

Josie said...

I love all things holiday, too. I'm a musician, so I especially enjoy the holiday music. Bring on Mannheim Steamroller and I'm happy!