Monday, November 29, 2010

I Want it.

This past week I received my birthday/Christmas gift, a wonderful and much loved iPad. Since receiving it I've wasted hours playing with it, adding apps to help write or anything else I plan to use it for. Actually I'm writing this blog on it. But with all these modern tools to help us keep in touch, make us more productive and improving our lives, I wonder whether we need it all or any. Ancient man used pigment and cave walls to tell his story. William Shakespeare wrote The Taming of the Shrew with a quill, ink and paper. But I wager if good ole Will was alive now he'd be sitting in Starbucks tapping away or wasting time on twitter or Facebook. But I'm sure Hamlet would have been rolling around his head.

The mind that's the most important tool. And I hope all of you and myself included start treating ourselves better. Shut up that inner critic with its negative jabber, believe in your talent, stretch the imagination and learn something new.

With the whirl of the holiday season upon us, I want all of you to gift yourselves with something of your chosing so you can come up with the next great story however you put it down. I'd love to read it. Happy holidays! May it be filled with love!


Unknown said...

You're right, Mageela, we don't need them, but they sure are nice to have if it makes things easier. I've been wanting one to take to conference with me so I can type out my notes. It's such a nifty gift.

Now as for that negative inner critic--I plan to send him/her on a long vacation--somewhere very cold until he/she learns her lesson. :-)

Happy holidays to you too!

Mona Risk said...

What a positive post, Mageela.It's coming at the right time when I am wondering if it's worth continuing to write. Okay, I am going through a writing crisis. My muse is still very active with three stories that want to be finished it worth the time taken from more important activities, the lack of sleep, the aggravation, the expenses? Maybe I should blog about that!!!

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Toys and gadgets are fun, but sometimes they can be overwhelming. I remember my brother could sit for hours playing with his little toy soldiers or plastic cowboys and indians. It is sad in a way that the children now sit in front of a computer playing their games and not using their wonderful imagination and creating worlds to play in.

I don't have any of the gadgets except for the computer and horrid little thing called a cell phone. I've not even tried to text and obviously don't twitter either.

I do love to write and try to stretch my writing skills by communicating with others a reading a lot. Am I a archaic? Yes I suppose I am, but I am a happy person...

Have fun with your new toy and have a great holiday!!!!

Jill James said...

Although I have lots of electronic toys I still gift myself with beautiful notebooks and fancy pens to get my stories from my imagination onto paper.

Nicola McKenna said...

Happy Birthday to you Majeela! First off, I do love the iPad, I discovered iBooks on it the other day and thought I have to get an iPad of my own. I must check to see what apps are available to help with writing, although for the most part I rely on Storyist, which I know you use(d) betimes.

The mind is definitely the most important tool, but for this nerd, technology brings a story from an idea in my head to words on a screen. I don't think I would be happy with the old quill and parchment a la Shakespeare.

Really uplifting post by the way, nice one. Now what to give to myself by way of Christmas presents? Hmm, an iPad of my own?? Better get writing a pleading letter to Santa!

Happy holidays to one and all!

Anonymous said...

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