Friday, July 29, 2011

A Book for All Seasons

This might seem a little coocoo but I believe some books fit into a season. And I'm not talking about holiday stories. After all, a margarita is yummy in July not January, hot chocolate works in December not August. Books are the same way.

Summertime just calls for the contemporary whether erotic or suspense, a hot alpha male and a sexy heroine enjoying all the great traits about summer. Less clothing, sweat dripping off a man's chest, dousing yourself in water, bodies sticking together. Everyone just trying to find relief. Oh la la summer.

As for autumn, a season when the leaves change color (unless you live down under or California or Hawaii) and you pull out your sweaters. The cool breeze that has a little snap so your skin prickles and curling up in a blanket. That's just perfect for a cozy mysteries, women's fiction, and of course, paranormals as we start to think of Halloween, gifts or talents even sides of yourself to explore on that all hallow night.

Then Jack Frost comes whipping the cold air down from the arctic and ripping the leaves off the branches and draping everything in a frosty gray. Winter is the one season when anything might go because your struggling to stay warm and travel to worlds that would banish the stillness of the winter. Historicals, Western, Regency, Victorian or all the other time periods that whisk you away. With the holidays, you might not be reading much, Hannakah, Christmas, New Year's Eve. There is much to do and perhaps not enough time to read. As for me, I purchase my holiday books, category and single title, however I read them in the new year when the endless winter just drags on and now I have that same holiday feeling through the winter.

However, winter works for the dark paranormal and erotica. When the dangers defrost your blood and gets it pumping with the creatures of these books. And erotica when being in a bed with a hot guy is a nice way to spend a February day.

Ah, then the trees sprout little green shoots, flowers bud and ice melts. And historicals have there fun in the sun. Extravagant fashion, commanding heroes and ladies who are more than their pretty dresses. Having a season, searching for a husband, and the cowboy who rides up on the ranch.

So it starts all over again.

I know crazy, right? You're probably giggling. Truthfully, I'm not rigid in my reading schedule since I'll read a good book no matter the season. But the seasons just help bring the stories alive. We generally pick books to read based on how we feel and seasons affect us. How many of us have said I tired of reading whatever and want to spice it up? I just might be right.

Do you have a sub-genre you like to read during a season? Or even a book that you read every season? Silent Night during the holidays or any others? Please share.


Josie said...

I'm not rigid in my reading schedule, either, Mageela. I always listen to an audio book, plus have a book or two on my nightstand.

Summer reading at the beach or by the pool might include more fun, light reading, especially romance.

Joan Leacott said...

My reading phases aren't linked to season so much as mood. Right now, I'm indulging in Linda Lael Miller's cowboys to cheer me up.

Jill James said...

I'm more like the time of day or night that I'm reading, because I will read 3 or 4 books at one time.

I can read horror, dark paranormal, and such any time of day, but I won't be reading it right before bed, unless I don't want to sleep that night.

Bedtime reading is sweet romances, quirky chick lit, biographies, and true history.

Mona Risk said...

I'm like Jill. I don't like to read thrillers or paranormal before sleeping. These are for the day or a long travel. I read contemporary romances when waiting at the doctor's office, historicals when in vacation, and erotica before I write a love scene.

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Interesting concept, Mageela. I'd never thought about reading according to the season. I find I am writing more than reading, but since I got a Kindle I find myself finding more time. During the winter it is a blessing to sit by the woodstove and read snuggled under a warm blanket. (Oh, by the way, there are places like up here in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California where it can be very cold in the winter.)Reading is a comfort zone for certain. I will have to rethink reading different genres, but seem to be stuck on historicals, hot or not. :)

Rolynn Anderson said...

Interesting concept, Mageela. Lately, since I've gotten used to a Kindle, when I pick REAL books to read, I choose the thin ones with BIG print. Kindles spoil us, don't they? My husband and I are listening to books as we travel the MANY nautical miles in Alaska. We find the voice of the reader is important in our picks. The last two books I chose were re-reads about food...guess I was tired of watching my weight. Sigh. Clearly my choices are highly emotional!