Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Self Promotion

Being a newbie to the world of publishing with my first book under contract scheduled to be released in January, 2012, many questions filter through my mind as to what needs to be done next.

Web site set up, check. Create a presence with social media, facebook, twitter, etc., check. Network with other writers, check. What else is there to be done?

As I start this process of self-promotion for my book it's overwhelming. Do people really throw book launching parties? Press releases? How do you set up book signings?

As I am writing this I receive an email regarding a blog at Romance University regarding the transition from unpublished to published author. What's the main thing a new writer needs? Patience. It's a waiting game and during that waiting period the best thing to do is, yes, keep up your social presence, but more importantly keep writing that next book, plot out the one after that. Keep ideas flowing.

So let's hear all the ideas out there on self-promoting.


Jill James said...

I had a launch party even with just an eBook. I called it an author launch party. I was launching me as a published author. It was just family and friends at my house. About 50 people. Way more than enough for this wallflower.

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

I keep asking myself the same thing. My debut book's official release is in two days. I've done what I could to get my name out there since ultimately I'm selling myself. I'm on facebook, twitter, linked-in, and yahoo loops. I blog on my site, plus here and another spot. Will all that help? Who knows. Mercy, I wish I did. We're flying blind here with spotty radar reception. Only time will tell. Those who know more than I say you don't begin to build name recognition until your third book. Perhaps so. My fear is if I don't have a fair amount of sales with the first one, I'll be dead in the water with zero chances of a second or third book. So, I do what I can for hours everyday...hours that I'd sooner be writing or mentoring another writer.

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

I am unpublished but have been blogging for several years now with my pen name. I enjoy this part as I have met so many who have experience in this exciting world of writing. Besides, I have made lots of friends and have absorbed information for when my time comes to promote my first book. Best of luck with your new adventure.

Josie said...

Patience and self-promotion. I have the patience part down pat, and I'll remember to self-promote as soon as I'm published.
Best wishes for your continued success.