Monday, November 7, 2011

Dancing in the Mist

Mist dissipating over the Potomac River at McCoy's Ferry

Several weekends ago, I went camping along the Potomac River in western Maryland with my husband. Each morning we woke to a heavy mist. I loved it.

Well, that's sort of what I experience when I get into a writing groove. My muse takes the form of mist. I feel as if my mind is surrounded with a swirling haze filled with creative thoughts that come as fast as my fingers fly over the keyboard.

At other times, the mist lingers in the back of my mind where a seed of an idea takes shape and grows at a slower pace, often popping to the forefront just as I'm laying down for the night. Thus the need for a notebook beside the bed.

How do you describe the flow of ideas when you write, paint, compose music?

Thanks for stopping by. I expect to be off-grid for a few days and will respond to comments when I have access to the internet again.


Dawn Marie Hamilton writes Scottish inspired time travel romance with fantasy and paranormal elements. You can also visit Dawn Marie at Castles & Guns on Tuesday November 8 & 22. Twitter: @DawnM_Hamilton


Sheila Tenold said...

My ideas are flashes that I must record on paper or they vanish. I, too, keep paper and pen handy at all times.

When I'm editing a chapter I give myself a few days during which snippets of dialgue or better conflict arise out of the blue.

I'm always happier with the final version after letting the scenes simmer on the back of the stove.

Jill James said...

Dawn, my favorite writing is when I'm "in the zone". That is when I look up and hours have passed, my fingers ache, and the pages have multiplied. Ahhh!

Josie said...

When I'm in the writing zone, hours zip right by.

My hero always tends to be somewhat misty, if that makes sense. I know what he looks like, but yet I don't.

Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

Hi, Sheila. The paper and pen are so important. I carry them everywhere. People look at me quite strangely when I stop on the walking track to write. :) Thanks for dropping in.

Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

Jill, the "zone" sounds like it's a very productive place for you. Happy writing! Thanks for stopping by.

Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

A misty hero makes sense to me, Josie. Like a dream man. Thanks for popping by.