Monday, November 14, 2011

NaNoWriMo - Status report

And so once more my friends I have delved headfirst into the writing insanity known as NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. In thirty days I intend to write 50K words of a new novel, starting November 1st and ending on November 30. This includes the four days usually devoted to Thanksgiving, also known as the great black hole of not writing. In short, I am a complete loon for dedicating myself to this task but I have a good reason.

This is the one month when I actually get a lot of writing done and it is all because it is expected of me to write this month. I say "I'm doing NaNo" and my friends and family tend to stay out of the way of my getting to my keyboard.

It is marvelous.

So anyway here is my current progress:

As you can see there were some good days, some okay days, and one very bad RED day where I went whale watching without taking Dramamine first and spent the rest of the day feeling really, really sick.

However I see some whales before I threw up so it wasn't all bad.

So I'm going to be brief in this update because I have very nearly made up for that red Sunday and I hope by the time you all see this I will be very, very close if not over the 25K words I need to have by the 15th of the month to stay on target.

Happy writing everyone, particularly those also doing NaNo.


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Josie said...

That is truly an amazing amount of words to write in less than a month. Congrats and glad you're feeling better after the whale watching.

If this event wasn't held during November, i would definitely take the plunge.