Friday, November 18, 2011

Entering a Contest

I just submitted the first chapter of my WIP to a contest, something I haven't felt brave enough to do in five years. Back then, the most helpful comments came from a judge who was encouraging. She said she could hear my voice, said my many technical flaws could be corrected.

Since then I've studied the craft of writing. I've presented my WIP to a critique loop and to a solo CP. I've judged contests, and read entries that run the gamut of storytelling skill.

I know contests are not the be-all and end-all of life. My entry may not resonate with one or more of the judges. But I'm hoping I'll score better than five years ago.


Rolynn Anderson said...

Glad you're taking the risk, Ana. I see contests as 'good' deadlines...they provide an impetus for me to refine my work yet another time (Lordy, revision goes on forever!). Good judges give us input we need!

Ana Morgan said...

Thanks, Rolynn! The deadline feature is a good one.
I'm looking forward to the results as a measure of how much closer I am to publishable.

Jill James said...

I just got my entries to judge the Gotcha contest. I love judging. It is a chance to see what is being sent around and who is ready to be published and who just needs a little help to get bumped up the food chain. LOL

Josie said...

Good for you for reentering the contest realm. Sounds like you've honed your craft over the years. Best wishes. I'm sure you'll do well.