Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NaNo Nudges

National Novel Writing Month, known to us all as NaNoWriMo, began yesterday. Many are participating, hoping this will inspire them to write
that novel that's been rattling around in their minds. Some are hoping to create something different. A few, like me, are using it as a kick in the bum to finish a lagging project.

Whatever the reason, the month-long challenge involves a strong degree of sacrifice--and determination.

But isn't that what writing entails year long? We sacrifice time with family and friends to devote time to writing about the inhabitants of our minds. For those with outside jobs and children, you sacrifice sleep to dole out an hour of daily writing time--and oh how I respect those who do. I didn't begin writing fulltime until I retired. Writers must also be determined year long, too. Determined to write their best. Determined to finish the project we love, no matter what comments we hear about our efforts.

So, what is so special about NaNo? Why all the hype? The low rumble of excitement and the flurry of encouraging emails? Could it be the collective community of writers worldwide, striving to achieve the same thing? A collective energy force, as it were?

To those of you participating in NaNo this year: Yay, you! Keep at it. On days you fail to reach your quota--and let's face it, life happens--don't give up. Strive to make up your word count on better days. Keep the vision and write forward. You'll be amazed at what you achieve. I'm working on a romantic suspense, the second in a series. This one is entitled "Rain is a Love Song" and is set in Paris and Budapest. I was a shade over 35,000 words when NaNo started, so I'm hoping to finish the rough draft this month. Wish me luck. My agent has it on her reading calendar for the second week of December, so...I have to finish this puppy. To all of you--WRITE ON!


Jill James said...

Vonnie, I've done Nano for 4 years. I'm skipping this year. I'm writing shorter and 50,000 words would be 2+ books and I don't have the energy in me to pump out 2 books this month. But I will be writing and editing to get my next book out by Thanksgiving.

Good luck to all the Nano'ers.

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

And good luck to you, too, Jill. Thanks for stopping by.

Josie said...

Best wishes and good luck as you write, write, write your way through nano. I wish this event wasn't held in November, as it's too busy for me because of holiday traveling.