Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I don't like to read...

I had a totally different post planned for this week, but I've heard the words "I don't like to read" so many times, lately, that I had to take a minute and just say, "What?"

The holidays are such a great time to read.  So many great holiday specific books are available that I personally don't know where to begin.

Even if people don't want to read four hundred page books, there are great some great novellas or short stories. (Hint, hint!)

Some people that I love and truly admire frown when I mention some of the books I'm currently reading, not because of the books, but because they have no interest at all in reading.  My question to them is how do you escape?  They responses differ, but they tend to lean toward sleeping, or in the case of my male friends, something "manly" playing sports or riding motorcycles.

I play tennis--not well, but I play.  But, I'd still miss holding a book, or grabbing my Kindle.

I've tried to sneak books and magazines into the hands of people I love, but I guess that would be like them trying to get me on a motorcycle.  Sometimes I'll take the ride with them, but it's just not my thing.

But, they still can't stop me from stuffing their Christmas stockings with books...lots and lots of them!


Rolynn Anderson said...

Angela, I agree. It's hard to believe that some folks don't like to read. Don't you love it when these same people pick up your book, read it and like it? I'm always hoping we'll jump start them into being perpetual readers. Heck, we're optimists...we write HEA's!

Ana Morgan said...

Start readers young, I say. Kids who love to read grow into adults who read.

Angela said...

Rolynn, I guess we are a big optimistic aren't we :-)!

Ana, you're right. I fell in love with books as a child. I loooooved the library!

Josie said...

I can't believe there is actually people out there who don't like to read. I love it, which is one of the reasons I'm a writer. I love books!