Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Ticking Clock

Recently a well-published author complained that all he could think about during book signings that he should be writing. I attended a workshop put on by Jane Porter, Harlequin author, who bemoaned writing blogs and promoting work because it took time away from writing.  The refrain I heard from them is the ticking clock. Does the clock bother you?

Sometimes, when I wait at the doctor’s office, or hang on hold I think of everything I could be doing. Do you do this? Every minute is important. Especially in November, I am trying to write a book in a month, release one book, do a book tour for another, and try to polish up two other tales for submission. Add to that, two Thanksgiving celebration and Christmas shopping along with the everyday work. My clock is a grandfather clock that is donging incessantly.

My husband came up with a clever idea to take a break. At first, I wanted to remark what a crazy idea it was, but there is some validity to his statement. The day before it took me most of the day to pop out 2,600 words because I kept researching. My heroine is a scientist. Still, scientific research shows people who take frequents break, and even naps at work perform better.

Sometimes the break is exactly what I need. My literary meltdown happened on a Monday, which is also my belly dance day. You guessed it I made my plot breakthrough while working on a new turning step. Often physical exercise stimulates our brain helping us work through sticky problems. I also heard chocolate and caffeine helps too. Taking a break might be the best thing for you.

Getting away from writing for a day or two will give you more of an appreciation when you go back. It won’t be a duty, but a joy.  Now, I can’t do it too long or I’ll feel like I am going cold turkey. Do you take breaks? Do you feel like it benefits you?


Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

I'm so glad someone else feels the way I do. I am working at my craft from nine in the morning to midnight, in one form or another. Either promoting, editing, writing and rewriting. For many, this is too much time. For me--a retiree with kids and grandkids living in other states--it is the way I want my life. Calvin and I go to the movies quite often as a way of getting away form the computer. When do I have my brightest moments? When I'm in the shower, washing my hair. LOL Go figure!

morgan said...

Thanks for commenting Vonnie. I forgot today was my day good thing I automatically scheduled it.

Josie said...

Such good ideas about the ticking clock. Sometimes a break is the best thing to breakthrough a writing block.