Saturday, December 15, 2012


Many of you know that golf is a hobby of mine which means Palm Springs is a mecca for me.  Ah…the warmth, the beautiful courses backdropped by massive mountains.  In fact, now that I’ve updated my golf bag with a new driver and three wood, I’m really happy with my game.

But I golf alone, the rare wife whose husband is not interested in the sport.  I sign up as a single and I’m placed with strangers for the four to five hours it takes to conquer eighteen holes.  You guessed it, I’m usually playing with men.

I am always pleased with my blind-date golf partners.  They are gentlemen, supportive of my game and life-style (they’re enamored by the four months I live on our boat), and supremely interested in my life as a published author.  Most have never met a professional writer before, much less played golf with one.  By the nineteenth hole, I’m handing out my postcards and getting promises from my new friends to buy my books.  Frankly, it’s become a lot more fun to be a golfer and writer.

Now listen to this.  Last Wednesday, at Mission Hills, I played a round with two women from Long Beach.  Good golfers, exuberant, adventurous types.  It gets better.  They are retired LAPD.  Worked sex crimes and homicide.  (You remember I write suspense!)  Even better?  They’re working cold cases as consultants in their retirement; I’m writing about a 1932 murder in Petersburg, Alaska.  Are you sitting down?  They want to help me look at the case, offering to fly up to Alaska and walk the crime scene with me.  I got a follow-up e-mail that evening from them to underline their serious interest in helping me.

I say again.  I’m one lucky writer.  I meet the nicest people on the golf course! 

Remember, my action-packed SWOON, from the Funeral Planner Suspense Series is out now.  Here’s what Brenda Novak says about it along with a blurb. 

Don't miss SWOON by Rolynn Anderson! If you like an interesting cast of characters, a heavy dose of mystery and a lot of fabulous surprises, you'll be happily turning pages late into the night.ˮ
~ Brenda Novak, NYT and USA Bestselling Author of WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES
Her dead clients won’t rest in peace.
When the dead tell tales, Jan Solvang’s first reaction is to RUN!  But then she gets caught up in their mysteries.
Jan’s a boutique funeral planner, new to risk, hired to bury a missing woman and memorialize an infamous man.  Yet when she digs for clues to write their eulogies, she disturbs family secrets and unmasks killers.
Roman Keller, hard-driving documentary writer, is in complete control of his life and his stories, until he falls for Jan, a woman who trusts her dog, her faint-dreams, and her instincts more than she trusts him.

Can they make the sacrifices necessary to cement their relationship or will the mayhem caused by the dead ruin their second chance at love?  

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Ana Morgan said...

Serendipity, Rolynn!

Rolynn Anderson said...

You're right Ana. I always like being surprised!

Joan Leacott said...

What an incredibly lucky break! I think I'll hit the links and see what I come up with. Keep us updated!

Josie said...

Rolynn, girl, you are on a roll! Keep us posted.