Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gearing up for conference season

Yep, forget March basketball tournaments. March means to me that it's getting to be that time of year when conferences will start.

I usually book my conferences a few months in advance so I know where I'll be this year: RT and RomCon. I had to miss Love is Murder because of other obligations. I usually average 2 or 3 conferences a year, so I'm on track.

Now I need to think about promo items to take. RT is a biggie, so I'll need lots of stuff to take. I've been starting prep for that already. I'll be driving there, so it's easy to toss everything into a suitcase and not worry about weight, etc.

I'll be flying to RomCon, though, so that requires a bit more ingenuity on my part. The good thing is it's a smaller conference so it should be relatively easy to get everything I need there. I've become quite good at wedging things into my bag around my clothes.

I hope everybody out there who is a writer or a wish-to-be-writer gets to attend at least one or two conferences. They're a great way to energize yourself and get in touch with people of a like mind. I always see friends at these conferences, people who are scattered far and wide around the globe. It gives me a chance to reconnect with them again and remind me why I enjoy this solitary profession I've chosen.

So get out there and enjoy the conference season! It only lasts for a few months, so enjoy it while you can.


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Angela said...

I love conferences! I can't wait to attend RomanticTimes. It's such a great time to meet authors/fans. I met a few of my absolute favs last year, and look forward to seeing them again.