Friday, March 15, 2013

The Suspense of a Romance Conference

I'm heading to a brand new conference, the Southern California Dreamin' Event, at the Doubletree/Hilton in Santa Ana, California.  Three RWA chapters are putting on this event, and the speakers/presenters are stellar!  Julia Quinn and Jill Salvis are keynoters; I'm looking forward to sessions with mentors Jane Porter. Christie Ridgeway and Debra Holland.  I've made a point of reading a novel each by Julia, Jill, Debra and Jane...I've read several of Christie Ridgeway's books.  In total, I'm in awe of their prolific, skilled work.

I can't wait to tell Debra Holland how her fabulous on-line course about self-publishing helped me mush toward my own adventure at self-publishing.  The idea of meeting up with Christie Ridgeway again, after I won, at auction, a chance to have breakfast with her as well as a three chapter reading of my novel...there is no way to thank her enough for her encouragement.

Here's the thing.  Conferences are about sticking our necks out and making contacts with writers, agents and publishers.  We might not know until months or years later how important those contacts are, but the efforts and the effects are well worth the energy.

I'm interested in your long-term takeaways from conferences.  What contact or experience at a conference made a big difference in your writing/publishing career?


Maddy said...

Sadly, my first experience was a negative one. For the time being I'll stick to my far more positive Romance Writers Chapter, where the atmosphere is upbeat, positive, encouraging and supportive.

Maddy said...

On reflection, I'd like to moderate my comment.

It was insensitive of me to make that remark in view of the fact that you're just about to go to the darned conference.

On reflection, the conference was great, but I had one [only one ] negative encounter with an agent, which colored the whole experience for me, but that of course, says more about me, than the conference.

You have a great time and don't let moaning minnie's like me, drag you down.

Rolynn Anderson said...

Maddy, thanks for returning to the blog to specify your negative experience. I know how it feels to have a publisher or agent be brusk or dismissing. This conference includes 3 RWA chapters in California. They are doing a great job of organizing the event...looks promising. Rolynn