Friday, November 25, 2011


Why are you reading this? Why aren't you eating more pie, more turkey, more ... whatever! If you're in the States, I'll bet you're either full of food or getting ready to be full of food.

Let's just take one small moment and truly give thanks. I blogged about this elsewhere so I won't repeat myself TOO much, but let's just say "thanks" that we live in this country. That we have food on our tables. That we are literate and have a chance to learn. That we are safe. It's not that way for so many people, so pause and thank Whoever for that.

Then heck, go ahead and have that second piece of pie. Everybody knows there are no calories on Thanksgiving day! And any that sneak on your thighs will be worked off on Black Friday when you tussle with the crowds.

So enjoy!

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Josie said...

Thanks to the internet, I didn't battle any Black Friday crowds. And I agree with you. Giving thanks to live in our beautiful country is indeed a blessing.