Saturday, October 27, 2012

Compatibility of the hero and heroine

I'm still making my way through my TBR list from RT2012.  I am reading my autographed copy of The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice!  Yeah, I had throw in the autographed copy mention :-)  Believe it or not, I've never read an Anne Rice book.  I've watched the movies, but that's it.  So, I've been taking my time, and really reading this one not only for enjoyment, but also to learn.

I am enjoying the book, tremendously.  I was surprised that the story is told only from the hero's POV.  I only have about a third of the book left, and although there are tons of characters in the book, so far, only Reuben is talking to us.

Honestly, I don't traditionally read stories told from one POV or told in first person.  They lose my interest.

But, instead of losing my interest Anne Rice has managed to make me petrified that on the next page my hero will be hurt or killed.  I keep trying to write the book for her because I don't want to end up crying like I was over a recent episode of Sons of Anarchy (still crying over Ryan Hurst.)

But, this post is more about the compatibility of the hero and heroine.  Reuben is this young, gorgeous intelligent writer for the local paper.  While his heroine is a recluse living in the woods, although equally as intelligent and versed in the world.

Reuben is reveling in the primal nature of his Man Wolf, and his new found strength and power.  But, Laura is walking around in flannel night-gowns, prematurely gray, with very little focus on make-up or glamour of any kind.

At first, I thought, maybe because of all the sexy vampires and werewolves out there, why isn't Laura sexing it up for her Man Wolf.  Now, I'm thinking he's from the forest and primal, and maybe this is exactly the type of woman he needs.

Because Anne Rice does such a great job describing Reuben as both man and Man Wolf.  I keep waiting for her to do the same with Laura.  but, it hasn't happened, yet.

I'm waiting on this change to happen, and it would probably be one of the most disappointing factors for me, if it doesn't happen.

What do you look for in compatibility with your hero and heroine when you read?


Rolynn Anderson said...

Good questions, Angela. Usually, couples compliment each other: introvert/extrovert; fact-centered/emotion centered. What makes them compatible is how they 'fill in' for each other what they don't have. That being said, they must have a few things they love doing/seeing/making together.

Angela said...

Rolynn, they both love the forest. For different reasons. But, in essence, with the same results--to hide from the world.

Josie said...

I love the idea of opposites attract, so usually my hero and heroine don't have that much in common, at least on the surface. But their inner values are usually the same.

morgan said...

I like strength of charcter in both. It is okay if they're both stubborn because heads will butt.

Lori Copeland had a series about three sisters in crime who ended up with very inappropiate-looking men, but she managed to make these men very compatible. :)