Friday, October 19, 2012

A Small Victory with Big Implications

Last week I won a small victory. I figured out how to download e-books through the Kindle app on my new tablet.
I am one of the technology challenged.  I don't like to push buttons to see what happens. People just as much as cell phones. (I'm a Libra rising. Peace in the valley preferred.)
I got an Android tablet as part of an upgrade deal. Its tutorial is online. The SIM card quit working during the ninety mile drive home. It took three weeks to get a replacement. But it came with a Kindle app.
A month later and I have ordered an e-book. I get the e-confirmation of the transaction but it does not show up on my screen. I finally start pushing buttons. Poof! Like magic, it appears.
I read the story and am ready for another. Same story. I order, get the confirmation and nothing loads. I don't know what button to push.
I glare at the tablet for several days, then get mad. I start pushing buttons. This time paying attention. When did 'Sort" come to mean download?

Now I am a happy e-reader. I have a world of books at my tapping finger. I will be downloading my sister FTHRW's books. I will learn how to e-publish.
One small step with big implications.


morgan said...

I applaud you on your victory because I couldn't download books because I lived in Germany. No, I didn't, but everytime I tried to download a book I would get a message it was only for US residents. I sent a gift to a friend in Germany, and somehow that became my default address.

I am now living in the US according to Amazon, and can download away. :)

Josie said...

I am only about 2 steps ahead of you. I got an Ipad this summer and my son installed the Kindle app. I'm still having trouble navigating, though.