Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ride The Wind

Did you ever have that moment in time where you know where you want your characters to go, but yet the process of getting it from your mind to the paper seems fruitless?

As I sat last night in my living room looking out the window to the winds whipping through the trees, branches bending under the gusts and rain pelting the window, I thought about my newest work in progress.  I know where I want my hero to be, but getting there seemed as difficult as the branches standing strong against the winds. Watching some of the branches bend and move with the wind is insightful to how sometimes as writers we fight against the storm.

Our characters want to go in one direction and instead of riding the breeze, we fight and try to stand strong in our own direction. I am not one to plot out my books, however sometimes I have definite ideas where they should be going.  I have learned over the years that fighting the storm brewing between myself and one of my characters is like fighting the wind -- impossible.

So after writing this, I have decided to ride the wind in this new story and let my hero lead the way.  Will it end up a better story?  Absolutely because who knows more about my hero than himself.


morgan said...

Hi Emma,
I not one of those people who writes an outline for my story, but I do have a mental one. I do know what I want my characters to do. Often, they do somethng completely different. LOL

Rolynn Anderson said...

We want to build characters who are consistent to their given personality, but who also surprise the reader (and themselves). This isn't easy, I agree! Rolynn

Josie said...

My latest story, SEEKING PATIENCE, which is coming out this month, features a hero who has always lead the way. I've just kind of followed him through the book.