Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My tribute to servicemen and women

As I sit watching news reports about wars and attacks on American soldiers in other countries, it continues to hit me that so many members of my family could have been included in the reports.

My brother served in the Gulf War.  I've had many uncles and cousins serve at different times in different conflicts, including: Vietnam.

All of this is what lead me to write two stories.  One story about the family left behind.  Another about a woman veteran who returns home to have nothing waiting for her.

The more I grow as a writer, I find myself looking for ways to intertwine things I'm passionate about or for into the the stories that I create.

Regardless of how we each personally feel about or toward war, I believe we owe a debt of gratitude to the individuals who've placed their lives on the line to protect our ability to live our lives as we choose.

"Derailed" is my latest release.

When you’re given away by the people who are supposed to love you forever, it makes it hard to believe love and family really exist.

JoAn Fentress thought the military would take care of her in the way her family never did, but that didn’t happen.  Homeless on the streets of Memphis, TN, she walked through the only open door she could find, and it changed her life.

Jeremy Hooks needed only to smile, and the world gave him whatever he asked of it.  Eventually, people stop partying, right…at least when they’re threatened.  He has one more chance to prove himself before he loses everything.

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