Friday, October 26, 2012

Redheaded Wizard Bear Ready for the All Wizard's Party!


Got to have a redheaded wizard, red bear wizard, for the all wizard's party for Halloween, right? So here is a red mohair bear, wire body, red mohair beard, and lined cloak. He's also a one of a kind bear. :) 

Today I'm at Sia's for coffee, well green tea, and fun! And another copy of Savage Hunger! Only 3 days remain next week for giveaways!
10/26 Sia McKye’s Thoughts Over Coffee

Kids are coming to visit, but something I was going to give my daughter for an early birthday present still had the security tag on it! I wish I had tried to wrap it up earlier and would have seen it and could have taken it in when I ran errands yesterday!! Although, I did sell the tall gold mohair wizard bear and need to ship it to South Africa, so I will have to run into town anyway.

Okay, this is another book in the Shadow Elf series. I started writing a different one, too and have the cover for it, but still haven't decided on the title. My problem is that the elves I want to write about are referred to as the High Elves, because they use High Magic, and live  in the mountains with their dragon companions. Maybe say High Magic Elves. Not sure. :)  What else could I use as a title for High Magic Elves??? I like two words if I can do it. :)

Have to clean and the like...wish I had some magic and could just whisk the dust away! Living in cornfields makes things ultra-dusty and the farmer has been plowing and replowing the fields for unknown reasons. :) And replowing...

Back to the issue of security tags and purchase mishaps.
My mother bought some beautiful shoes in Las Vegas, got home, and only one of the shoes was in the box.  I bought a sweater in one state, got it home and found the security tag still on it. I managed to finally pry it loose without it tearing anything, but in the future, I'd just take it to any store that has the security removers and see if they'd remove it because I'd be afraid of getting ink on the garment or tearing up the fabric.

So, have you ever gotten home and found out a clerk had left a security tag on your clothes? Or worse, one shoe and a box?

Happy TGIF!!!

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Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

Beautiful bear, Terry!

Rolynn Anderson said...

Hate those security tags...have gotten a couple home unintentionally. Cute bear!

Terry Spear said...

Thanks, Dawn!!! I loved making him!

Thanks, Rolynn! Yeah, what a nuisance. Couldn't find the receipt, of course, but the clerk was an angel and took care of it!

Terry Spear said...


Josie said...

It's happened to me that the security tag has been left on. Another thing that's happened is the security alarm goes off as I'm leaving the store because the clerk forgot to remove it.

Terry Spear said...

It's so annoying when that happens, Josie! But it's easy to do to. *sigh*

morgan said...

I had a tag on my purse that kept setting off the alarm every thing I went to the grocery. The store employees just started ignoring it.

It stopped when I chnaged purse, but they must had his that security tag because I never found it.

Terry, good luck on your latest book! It looks like a winner, another one. You are such a prolific writer.

Terry Spear said...

Omigosh, that would be so frustrating, Morgan!!

Thanks on the book! I have 4 out next year! I can't believe it! :) But I'm really excited about it!